on April 23, 2020
Weed Out Propaganda 📑 Learn to spot the S.E.E.D. of propaganda before it takes root.
❌ Propaganda is information that’s been molded to influence what you think and do - for better or for worse. This mind control isn’t magic; it’s carefully cultivated manipulation. Your best defense: recognizing the techniques propaganda uses to spread ideas and persuade the public.
Simplification ✂️ Propaganda reduces complicated issues to basic ideas and packages them with catchy slogans and images so they’re easy to understand and remember.
Exploitation ✂️ Propaganda uses emotional messages to play on universal weakness, fears and desires.
Exaggeration ✂️ Propaganda paints its cause as unbeatable, without flaws or weaknesses.
Division ✂️ Propaganda sets up “us” versus “them” scenarios, broadening divisions between different people, groups and ideas. Credit: NewseumED
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