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on March 12, 2020
From the very beginning, the Kingston All-Stars have been focused on the development and preservation of Jamaican music, ensuring that the sounds and musicians that have made Jamaican music so unique and loved worldwide continue for generations to come. From the start, the undercurrent of the project has always been one of preservation, celebration, and rejuvenation, a hope that the amazing music would continue. And so it is with these ideas in mind that the next generation of the Kingston All-Stars begins.
We are excited to announce the KAS Music Foundation, a non-profit organization that will help join the history and knowledge of the elders from the Jamaican music fraternity with up and coming generation of young musicians and artists and provide a variety of supporting services to help cultivate music and culture. The foundation has been set up to take on two very important roles, the first is to help keep the diverse styles of Jamaican music alive and growing by including the elders of the music community ( both local & foreign ). They were the ones that helped create the musical styles that we celebrate and so there inclusion and knowledge are crucial to the success. The second is to help bring together young aspiring musicians & singers and educate the new generation of Jamaican musicians. Together with the elders, they will perform as part of the #Jamaica " Jazz On The Duke " events on Duke street in Downtown #Kingston, #JA. The bands will be performing a mix of Jamaica Jazz featuring elements of Ska, Reggae, Mento, Island Soul & more.
Also included in this effort are a series of events and gatherings to help rejuvenate the downtown core of Kingston and help breathe new life into the wide variety of beautiful musical styles that come from Jamaica. Primary funding will come from local and international businesses, governmental agencies, donations from individuals, online sales of merchandise and various fundraising music events both in Kingston and worldwide.
Jamaican music has contributed to the world in so many ways and so we hope that this new era of the Kingston All-Stars will help that to continue for many years to come!
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