Kingston All Stars
November 29, 2018

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Allen " Jahsana " Johnson is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and woodworker.  He began his musical journey in the late 60's  & 70’s briefly attending the legendary Alpha Boys school in Kingston as a youth and later writing and voicing a handful of songs including " Time To Remember " Over the years Allen continued to write while he scraped out an existence but unfortunately life was rough and a break was not in the plan.

Fast forward 40 years, as the musicians were gathered for the Kingston All Stars project guitarist Mikey “Mao” Chung brought Allen into the group as the two had worked together in the mid 70’s. Allen was living in the country but as with many Jamaicans Allen must go to where the work is and so he came to Kingston.

In Kingston Allen is able to work as well as have access to recording studios which are the primary ways he is able to sustain himself and find joy in life. Over the last few years Allen has written and voiced a handful of songs but the reality of the music industry is unfortunately not enough to provide a sustainable existence and is now struggling with advanced cancer and is presently waiting to get an operation to try and remove it.

The goal of this effort is to raise funds to get Allen a place to live and supply the basic amenities. Our hope is that with this fundraiser we can provide Allen with a safe and comfortable place to rest while he deals with the struggle ahead of him

Allen is a gifted and gentle soul and has managed to maintain a positive outlook but life has dealt him a difficult hand. We hope that we can pull the community together to help give him some support in these trying times.  All funds will go to acquiring housing, basic essentials and much needed medical care. As things move along we’ll post updates with progress and pictures of how things are going.

For those that donate $10 or more they will receive a download link to 3 new tracks -sent as  WAV files.

   2 new songs from Jahsana and a Melodica instrumental by the newest additions to the Kingston All Stars family = the Legendary Dennis " Jah D " Fearon & Clinton " Gladiators " Rufus on Guitar. These are exclusive to this fundraiser done in a tuff Digi-Roots style by Jah D out of Food, Clothes & Shelter studio in Grants Pen, Kingston. These are the start of the what will be completed songs that will feature more members of the KAS family.

We are also offering these 3 Dub-Plates = Only 8 of each will be made.

The 7" 45's are $50 USD Each + Shipping 

A Side:    Trails   +    B Side:     Dub Trial


A Side:     Strong Foundation   +     B. Side:     Jungle Justice ( Alternate Mix )


A Side:    Rising From Ghetto ( Grim P. Alternate Mix )     +     B Side:     Mao Rising ( Exclusive Instrumental / Dub from Mikey "Mao" Chung & KAS band )

You can listen to the songs here:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help!

Moss, Brennan and the Kingston All Stars family