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by July 4, 2019
  Pacienții cu boli cronice terminale din România ar putea avea acces, în premieră, la calmante pe bază de canabis cu prescripție de la medicul specialist, utilizând un formular special (ca în cazul morfinei). Un proiect de lege în acest sens a fost depus astăzi la Parlament. Proiectul poartă numele "Victoria", o femeie răpusă de cancer la începutul acestui an. În amintirea mamei sale, Alexandra, fiica Victoriei, a luptat pentru ca alți pacienți cu boli terminale să aibă acces la calmante pe ...
by July 4, 2019
Proiect de act normativ „Victoria” privind regimul juridic al plantei canabis, al substanțelor și preparatelor ce conțin canabis, utilizate în scop medical   Parlamentul României adoptă prezenta lege   CAPITOLUL I. Dispoziții generale Art. 1 (1) Prezenta lege stabileşte regimul juridic privind cultivarea, producerea, fabricarea, depozitarea, comerţul, distribuţia, transportul, deţinerea, oferirea, transmiterea, intermedierea, achiziţionarea, utilizarea şi tranzitul pe teritoriu...
by July 1, 2019
INTERNATIONAL REGGAE DAY EXPLORED AT JMC 2020!! The JMC organisers have pledged their support to the International Reggae Day (IRD) movement which mirrors their efforts to connect the dots between reggae communities worldwide! JMC 2020 will set the stage for further discussions on how reggae communities and entities worldwide can play a part in re-establishing Jamaica as the world’s reggae capital, plus revitalising and expanding the IRD celebration. July 1st is recognised as International ...
by July 1, 2019
JulyOne is International Reggae Day (IRD) and this year the annual 24-hour global media celebration of the best of Jamaica’s music and culture is being anchored online at ireggaeaday,com and IReggaeDay social media platforms (You Tube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter).  IRD has for the past 25 years, highlighted Kingston as the home Jamaican music and sought to showcase the best of Jamaica’s creativity in music, dance, visual art, film, fashion and food while exposing another layer of the Jamaic...
by June 30, 2019
Joint Press Release From Jamaica Arts Holdings, producer of International Reggae Day (IRD) worldwide, and BritishBlackMusic.com/Black Music Congress, IRD UK sub-licensor INTERNATIONAL REGGAE DAY 2019 CELEBRATES GLOBAL REGGAE CULTURE, SALUTES REGGAE SUNSPLASH & HOSTS REGGAE CONFERENCE IN LONDON JulyOne is International Reggae Day (IRD) and this year marks 25 years since its premiere in Kingston, Jamaica in 1994. Produced annually by Jamaica Arts Holdings, IRD is the first of its kind, ...
by February 27, 2019
When Bob Marley was honored with a lifetime achievement Grammy award, Recording Academy president Michael Greene took the opportunity to put some formal perspective to Marley’s legacy: "The recipients of these awards are among the most important architects and builders of many of the most distinctive and seminal recordings of this century. Their outstanding achievements have left a timeless legacy of innovative and powerful music that has changed the world socially, politically and given voice t...
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2017 saw the historic reunion of some of the most celebrated musicians in Jamaica, a stellar line up from the era when reggae first emerged into the global consciousness. The Kingston All Stars are Sly Dunbar, Ansel Collins, Mikey “Mao” Chung, Hux Brown, Jackie Jackson, Robbie Lyn, Everton & Everald Gayle. Under the artistic direction of Moss “ Mossman “ Raxlen, a multi-faceted musician, producer, engineer and writer, the KAS band has released new recordings and will be performing live internationally. These are the musicians and session men who recorded at a variety of Jamaica’s legendary studios, and created so many of the classic rhythms from the 1960’s and ‘70’s – a countless number which have since become staples in a wide variety of today’s musical genres from hip hop to dancehall to dubstep and techno. In various incarnations, members of the group have been part of or recorded with Bob Marley’s Wailers Band, Studio One’s Sound Dimension and Soul Vendors Band, Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Upsetters, Peter Tosh’s Word Sound and Power Band, Toots and the Maytals, Now Generation and many more. Internationally, beyond Jamaica, many of the musicians in the Kingston All-Stars have worked with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Grace Jones, No Doubt, Paul Simon, Serge Gainsbourg, Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock and many other rock, pop and jazz greats. Starting in 2017, The Kingston All-Stars will shine a light on some of Reggae’s hit sounds and rhythms of the past 40 years.
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by February 20, 2019
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Bob Marley’s native Jamaica shines in the new video for “Easy Skanking,” a song off 1978’s Kaya that has received an updated visual to celebrate both the reggae legend’s legacy and his birthplace. The video, directed by the Pantera production company, “captures a loving, authentic look at a day in the life of the indefatigable, uprising spirit of the people who live, work, love, and call Jamaica their home,” Universal said. “Easy Skanking” pairs Marley’s classic track with striking images ...
by March 15, 2018
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I was born on 4/20," Bob Marley's son Stephen declared with a smile Monday, embracing the unofficial marijuana holiday as he and brothers Julian and Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley announced the first West Coast edition of their family's Kaya Fest this April. It's no coincidence that the two-day concert – featuring all five performing Marley brothers and guests Ms. Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill and Tom Morello – will unfold in California, which last year voted to legalize pot for recreational use.  ...
by December 17, 2018
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Just in time for his seventieth birthday, Bob Marley’s iconic 1977 Series III Land Rover which fell into a state of disrepair following the singer’s death over thirty years ago, has been completely restored from clutch to chassis thanks to the Sandals Resorts International and its Jamaican affiliate car company ATL Automotive, ITC - the Regional Distributors for Land Rover as well as the Marley clan.
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by December 16, 2018
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Bob Marley's influence in music is undeniable, but not many know his impact and love of football. We explore Marley's incredible passion for football and how his enchanting music ultimately stopped a football riot. A big thank you to Island Records and Bob Marley Foundation for making this possible.
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